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The High Performance Computing Environment Qingdao Branch of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS)– High Performance Computing Center of Institute of Oceanology of  CAS  has been established. It’s ranked the 73 of the China Top 100 List of HPC released by the national authority in Nov. 2009, and the 1st of single-cluster computing universal ability in Shandong province.

The HPC cluster possesses 72 computing nodes and 1152 computing cores, each core is equipped with 3 GB memory, its peak computing capability is up to 10 TFLOPS  it has 100TB SAN storage. There are two sets of network interconnected cluster nodes; one of which is computing network, it’s 20Gb Infiniband network connecting 72 computing nodes; the other one is management network which use Gigabit Ethernet connecting all nodes. The cluster connects SAN storage by eight IO nodes, total read bandwith is 3GB, write bandwith is 600MB. The computing grid nodes are also deployed at the same time, achieved the connection between the head center and the branch, the local computing resources are become part of HPC of CAS. The cluster LINPACK’s efficiency is 81.8% which is at the higher level in the same kind of clusters.

The system software resources include Suse Linux 10 operating system, Lustre parallel file system, Intel and PGI compilers. The cluster job scheduling system uses LSF of Platform Company, cluster monitoring system adopts Gridview of Dawning company and Cluster power control software uses Powerconf of Dawning Company. The application modes and software relating to physical oceanography and bioinformatics have been set up. Its main application area covers physical oceanography, bioinformatics, geophysics, resource environment ,etc. and primarily serves the needs of marine science, biological energy and process research for the high performance computing.